Youth with Promise

This platform offers seamless portraits of your learning experience and career plans as prospective and fresh graduates, telling your readers of the untapped potential that would set you apart in the same niche you aspire to explore. Your academic experience, accomplishments, career goals, and extra-curricular engagements would be woven into sellable narratives that will be placed on this platform to promote you as a promising brand to a global audience. Inexperienced job-seekers are often edged out of opportunities in the highly competitive labour market; but you can beat the bands and convince your potential employers. Whether you are a prospective or fresh graduate hoping to land a job, or you have graduated a long time ago but without any experience, this platform offers you a lifetime opportunity. It is a veritable pedestal to stand out and promote your potential with a compelling profile. CorporatePoint makes your dream a reality: it brands you and grants you strong visibility in the global world by crafting and rendering a compelling snapshot of your credentials. It distinguishes you as an asset and facilitates your access to career opportunities and the attainment of your professional goals. This is a platform of opportunities designed just for you, a youth with promise.

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Patrice Motsepe

Arinze Esomnofu

Isabel dos Santos